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The Rose Clippings was a stage production in collaboration with Vert Productions. It premiered at The Bread & Roses Theatre, Clapham (London) on the 22nd of November and ran until the 24th of November. 

Synopsis: When Paul learns about his brain tumour, it puts his family into chaos. Not only is it time for them to re-examine how they feel about him, but also truths that have been ignored for decades come to light. From Paul’s racism and preferring one of his daughters, to using his allotment as a form of escapism, The Rose Clippings explores grieving before and after death, poor communication and family dynamics.

Cast & Crew:

Paul - Gary Cain

  • Rana - Francessca Charlemagne

  • Viola - Emma Jaggs

  • Imogen - Lauren Leopard

  • Angie - Vicky Izzard

  • Jhanna - Rebecca Lewis

  • Writer & Director - Ophelia Vert

  • Producer - Francessca Charlemagne

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