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Love, Lola was a stage production that premiered at Matthews Yard, Croydon, on the 16th of November, 2017. It ran until the 26th of November, 2017.

Synopsis: Lola Rouge is an aspiring actress dealing with the burden of student loans. Her entire life seems to be a juggling act between university, work, family and seemingly unwanted attention from her fellow classmate, Sebastian.

Then she meets Joanna: a sophisticated, charismatic and wealthy politician. Sparks fly between them, and eventually Joanna makes a proposition which will change Lola’s life forever… 

… ever heard of Sugar Babies?

Suddenly Lola’s life becomes a dream. But this world of indulgence has a price tag. As she spends more time with Joanna, Lola realises that politicians and actors are not so different: they’re all professional liars.

Cast & Crew:

Lola - Lauren Leopard

Joanna - Rebecca Lewis

Sebastian - Alan Hall

Zachary - Arsentiy Novak

Michael - Colm Molloy

Margot - Camille Steens

Henry - Shaun Harper

Professor - Romane Bokkerink

Boss - Shannon Assaf

Writer & Director - Francessca Charlemagne

Producer & Choreographer - Meg McManus

Technical Director - Daniel Gurd

Photography - Denny Baysarov

Videography - Lili Hemetsberger 

Costume Designer - Monica Pereira

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